“I will never forget how Rebecca helped my family”

I was going through a rough time and was at risk of losing my daughter.  The opposing side was making serious allegations about my ability to parent.  Rebecca represented my daughter, and refused to be taken in by all the drama and noise being presented in court.

She really looked at the facts, thought about what was best for my child, and what relationships my daughter had with me and others.  There were several pretty ugly court hearings but due to her experience both in court and with juvenile custody matters, she was really able to focus on what was important to my child and see the true relationship I had with my daughter.

She skillfully argued to the court for reunification between my daughter and myself, stressing the importance of my family connection.  The court listened to her, and know that with a different lawyer for my daughter there could have been a different outcome.

Today, thanks to Rebecca’s advocacy, my daughter lives with me.  She is a healthy, happy child.  I will never forget how Rebecca helped my family be reunited.

S. M. S.