Clackamas Court COVID-19 Information: Alerts & Emergency Closures

As we head into the holidays, the members of our firm, like many of you, are having to make difficult decisions about whether we spend time in person with family members. Just today Clackamas County has been declared at “extreme risk” due to the increasing cases of COVID in our community. The lawyers who appear in the courthouse are regularly receiving notices about the possibility of exposure after people who visited the courthouse have tested positive for the Coronavirus subsequent to their time in a courtroom. The presiding Judge in Clackamas County has issued updated orders regarding what matters will and will not be heard in person. This is an effort to reduce the number of bodies in that beautiful and historical, but ancient and poorly ventilated space we call the courthouse. This link will take you to the Clackamas County court page. If you are a current client and you have a question about whether your upcoming hearing will be in person or remote, be sure to call our office. Daisy will be happy to assist you in any way she can.

Clackamas Court COVID-19 Information