The firm can handle any criminal law matter you may face. Areas of specialty include:


With a special assignment of Felony DUII prosecutor, Rebecca Schaleger has had extensive training and experience handling DUII cases. She has personally handled hundreds of DUII matters, ranging from diversion entry to felony DUII. She is an aggressive and knowledgeable lawyer on DUII cases, including cases which have resulted in injury.


As a member of the property Crimes team while in the District Attorney’s Office, she has handled cases ranging from misdemeanor shoplifts to property crime minimum repeat offender cases where the client may be facing serious extended time in prison. She is very familiar with the felony sentencing guidelines (guidelines outlining ranges of sentences possible depending on the crime committed) as well as the mitigating factors that may allow for optional probation or a reduced sentence.

Domestic Violence

These cases can be particularly difficult for family members. Because of her work in the juvenile unit, Rebecca Schaleger has a unique perspective on how the court system handles these types of cases, especially when children are involved. She can assist you in modifying initial no-contact orders, and help navigate through both the adult court system and any DHS contact that may have been initiated as a result of the underlying incident.

Juvenile Law

Spending more than two years in the juvenile unit at the District Attorney’s Office provided Rebecca Schaleger with valuable experience and insight regarding how the juvenile system works. She has extensive experience negotiating with juvenile counselors, working with juvenile judges and referees, and dealing with any potential long-term consequences and minimizing their impact on the youth’s future.

Ballot Measure 11 Cases

These are crimes in which there are mandatory minimum sentences. They include Homicides, kidnappings, specified types of sex crimes, robberies, and certain kinds of assaults. These are very serious cases where the impact for the client can be extreme. These cases require a great deal of attention, and having a lawyer who understands the system and is familiar with these cases is vital.


Making a mistake should not affect you the rest of your life. There are ways to have your criminal history removed from your record, and if you qualify for an expungement, Rebecca Schaleger can handle this for you with expedience and efficiency.