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Tyler Dill

Position Title
Senior Paralegal

Tyler Dill is a dedicated paralegal at Schalegar Philpott PC, where he serves as the primary associate to Rich Cohen. With a focus on juvenile, criminal, family, and administrative law, Tyler brings a thoughtful and diligent approach to his work.

Originally from the suburbs of Kansas City, Kansas, Tyler grew up in the Great Plains of the Midwest surrounded by vast, open landscapes and strong, hardworking communities of the region. In 2017, he moved to Oregon to pursue new opportunities and embrace the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. Before joining Schalegar Philpott PC, Tyler honed his skills at a nonprofit organization, where he provided crucial legal support to low- and moderate-income Oregonians dealing with family law and tenant defense issues. His passion for justice and community service continues to drive his work every day.

Tyler earned his paralegal certificate from Portland Community College, where he developed a strong foundation in legal principles and practices. This education, combined with his hands-on experience, enables him to contribute effectively to his team.

When he's not in the office, Tyler loves spending time outdoors, exploring Portland's many parks with his dog. He also has a green thumb, enjoying gardening and caring for his many plants. Additionally, Tyler finds joy and relaxation in playing the piano.

Tyler's blend of professional expertise and personal passions makes him a well-rounded and approachable member of the Schalegar Philpott PC family.