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Honorable Judge Hilda von SchagPott Esquire

Position Title
Judge of everyone in the firm

Hilda joined the firm after the lawyers decided they needed a kitty to cuddle on those particularly rough trial days. We went to the cat shelter and asked for the cat that would be the most difficult for them to adopt out. In a room by herself was Judge Hilda. She couldn't be in a home with other cats, dogs, or small children. She had depression, anorexia, a heart murmur, and early renal disease. We decided we'd better take her. It took a while, and the staff and lawyers spent a lot of time tempting her with special treats, but Hilda finally decided we are her people. She likes to wander around and check on everyone, eat the plants, and get the zoomies at unexpected moments. Someone this high maintenance HAS to be a Judge, so we held an election and she won. Come by and say hello to Judge Hilda when you are at the office.