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Position Title
Office Cat

Creamsicle showed up shortly after we moved into this office space and adopted the lawyers and staff.  We are very suspicious she has “real” owners in the neighborhood but comes here to eat the high end cat food we provide.  Creamsicle spends her spare time watching the fish in the pond in front of the office, and walking directly in front of the cars trying to pull into the building’s driveway in a way that causes the driver to have to stop to ensure the cat has not been run over.

Creamsicle prides herself on her orange and white fur, which ensures that when she rubs against the lawyer’s suit, the cat hair will show up no matter what color the fabric.  If you come visit us at the office you may see her in the yard, trying to intimidate the squirrels in the walnut tree.  Stop and give her a pet.  She is very friendly.