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Helping Navigate Difficult Times

The Best Representation…

The best representation in legal matters takes a variety of forms, depending on the ultimate objective. Sometimes cases are best negotiated for an optimal result; sometimes it is necessary to go to trial.

Because of Schaleger and Philpott’s extensive experience within the court system, your team will evaluate your case and determine the best course of action.

Our goal is to minimize the stress and impact a legal matter may have on our clients, while obtaining the best possible outcome.

For Difficult Times…

Few seek a lawyer when things are going well. Family law, criminal law, and juvenile law matters mean things are likely chaotic and stressful in a client’s life. We understand that at Schaleger Philpott. Having an experienced lawyer on your side means you can let go of some of the burden and worry and place it in our hands. Everyone needs someone in their corner.

Navigating Legal Matters…

If you have a legal matter that needs attention, you will want a compassionate yet aggressive lawyer to represent your interests.

Your family, your children, your reputation or even your freedom may be at stake.

Schaleger Philpott has the experience and skill necessary to provide you with the kind of representation you need.